Digital Memories


Let me bring your memories into the digital age


My aim is to help you preserve your memories.

I take your old photographs, slides or negatives and digitise them to the highest possible standard. This way your pictures could last forever.

Somewhere, at the back of a cupboard, or in the attic, you have a box full of 35mm slides, negatives or old photographs. When was the last time you got them out and relived your memories? Where is the slide projector? Does it still work? Where can you get a spare bulb for it?

Now if all your pictures were transferred to a disc you could simply insert it into your PC or DVD player and sit back for a nostalgia trip. Send me your 35mm slides, negative strips, or old prints and I will transform them into digital images which can be viewed on a Personal Computer or an ordinary DVD player.

If you ever find that box of photos what are the chances of the photos still being in good condition? In my experience old photos, particularly slides suffer damage even when stored. Even if the box and its contents look OK now, just how long will they last? Remember these are your only copies. Once digitized it is a matter of moments to create a second copy of your photographs. It may even be wise to keep copies in separate locations to guard against the worst disasters imaginable.

It is difficult to explain briefly, what is possible using modern technology to restore old photographs. So why not do a bit of research! If you type “Photograph Restoration” into your favourite Internet search engine, then have a browse through the first few hits, you will soon get an idea of what is possible. But then look at the prices:- “From £5 for simple blemish removal” to “from £25” for the most complex restoration! (and that is for a single picture!)

I use the latest equipment to get the best results, so even if your old films are a little the worse for wear I can clean up the images to restore them to as near their original condition as possible.

I offer two levels of service. 

Premium Service

Each photograph is scanned at a high resolution. The image is then examined and processed further (restored) to correct any problems. The result will present an excellent image on the screen attached to your PC or DVD player it will certainly bring those memories flooding back. 

Premium Service price £1.99 per picture.

Index Service

Have you got so many photos, slides or negatives that you just don't have the time to sort them out? Then try this unique service. Just send us your pictures in bulk, and I will scan them all and produce an index file with a small version of all your pictures and space to record the details of each picture. You can then select the better ones and take advantage of our premium service to see them at full screen size.

Index Service price 30p per picture.

Disks and packaging

All your original material will be returned with your digital images on a CD or DVD disk.

Please add £6.99 (UK return addresses) to cover the cost of disk production and P&P.

(Customers with non-UK return addresses are most welcome, but please enquire for current postal charges)

If you want duplicate disks at the same time add £2.99 for each additional copy required.

What to do :-

Just package your pictures carefully and send them to the address on the contacts page. It might be wise to use a secure delivery route, e.g. Royal Mail recorded delivery, as we can't guarantee the safety of your memories until we actually receive them. For the Premium service you should be able to calculate the full price, please enclose a cheque, payable to G. Corner with the order. For the Index Service we will invoice on completion. (or get in touch for further options)