Still "Fixing Bugs"

Having spent the best part of forty-five years writing and supporting software programs I have had many encounters with "bugs" - the term used to identify errors in computer programs.


I thought that this business would be a welcome change, but I am still meeting bugs and removing them from the work in hand.




35mm slides have a reputation for deteriorating if not stored in ideal conditions. Most opinion blames fungus or mould.

As in the first picture, (of a clear blue sky!) this damage looks like some sort of spore. 

 Something I call "blue spot"(for obvious reasons) occurs frequently. Not the work of graffiti "artists" (now there is an oxymoron) but some chemical action, again thought to be the work of fungus. 

This picture is taken from a small area of a 35mm slide scanned at a very high resolution. So this tiny beetle (?) is almost certainly invisible to the naked eye.

It makes me wonder if the fungus theory is correct. The more I look at these problems the more traces of insect life I see.

So I now spend a large part of my working life still "fixing bugs" all to give you pristine files and prints.

See some results of the restoration process here ---