Vinyl to Digital

We replaced our 12 year old car recently and after some time my wife commented that she could no longer play her CD’s as the new car didn’t have a slot to put them in. I explained about the USB slot and all the latest technology to play music and audio from lots of devices. But she wasn’t fully placated.

But the conversation got me thinking and remembering all the records I had bought back in the sixties. Many got lost in a messy divorce, but that is another story. However we still had a box at the back of a cupboard with 20 or more Vinyl LP’s.

So I got myself some kit and I have now transposed these LP’s to mp3 files which can be downloaded to a computer, or put on a memory stick and can thus be played on all these modern gadgets including our new car – no turntable required!

Having got the kit and the expertise I now have a new service which fits very neatly into my portfolio.


So just like your old photo collection, send me your Vinyl LP’s and I will digitise them and return your originals and the digital files so you can listen again to all your memories.


Digitise Vinyl LP - £3 – up to 16 tracks – extra tracks 25p per track

Double albums count as 2 LP’s so £6 plus extra tracks if over 16 per vinyl record.


Via email with attached mp3 files – Free

USB Memory stick - £5 per order (multiple records on one stick)

CD-Rom - £3 per order (multiple records on one CD)

Return postage (original LP’s and new media)– at cost – will vary dependent on weigh, carrier, insurance options etc.

We will invoice you when the job is complete.


The transposition process copies what is on the disc, so if the vinyl LP is scratched then the scratches (clicks) will be present on the mp3 recording. The tools I use do offer some scratch removal options, but this would incur much more effort and hence cost. Also dependent on the damage even the best tools cannot necessarily reproduce the original sounds and may leave false passages.

We cannot be responsible for loss of your records before they reach us, so use a delivery service you trust. Once we have your records they will be converted to digital and multiple copies will be stored, so in future if you lose your copy we can send you a new copy.