They used to say the camera never lied, but with today's computer trickery almost anything is possible. Because when you get down to it a digital picture is simply a collection of coloured dots and it is possible with patience and some artistry to change any of these dots to any other colour.

We have all seen the airbrushed models on the covers of glossy magazines with perfect complexions and many of you will have seen some of the bizarre tricks that can be performed, adding and deleting major pictures elements to tell a totally untrue story. Indeed I recently removed an ex-girlfriend from a family photograph after a rather bitter break-up.

But the aim of TOPticl Digital Memories is to stick as closely to the truth as possible and to only correct damage that has occurred to your pictures since they were taken, due to poor storage or accidental damage - we just want to preserve your memories.


Let's look at an example. Here is a picture with the dreaded fungus - a not uncommon problem 


Digital Memories


After being processed with our Premium Service this is the result. A clear blue sky to match your memories of a day by the seaside, but no mystery sandcastles have appeared on the beach, or stray cows on the railway line, just a lovely scene as you remember it

Note these pictures here are at a greatly reduced resolution for the purposes of illustration here on the web site. The resultant pictures from the Premium Service will more than fill your screen with perfect clarity