Any pictures which you send to me for processing remain your property. In particular the copyright remains strictly with you. TOPticl Digital Memories recognises this right absolutely and will never knowingly breach your copyright. Part of my process results in copies of your images being stored on computer discs in my premises - these copies allow me to offer a backup service, so that further copies can be provided to you - for example if the original disk I sent you is lost or damaged. I will hold these copies securely for as long as these services are available - unless you specifically request that all copies are destroyed, when of course I will honour that request.


If you want to use my Auction Service then some of your pictures will be made more generally available, but I never sell the copyright and carefully track sales and thus have records of purchasers should there be any questions regarding breach of copyright. If a purchaser makes a specific request to use a picture, for example in a magazine or book then I will negotiate a "Limited Right of Use" (click to see the proforma I use). All such requests will be referred back to the original copyright owner before any final agreement is made.