Digital Memories

Let me bring your memories into the digital age


As a result of people taking advantage of my Auction Service many photographs appear regularly on eBay, where I have sold thousands of photos, to the benefit of myself and my customers who share the profits.

Unfortunately of recent times eBay has become very restrictive. EBay, whether deliberately or not, seems to be doing everything it can to discourage small sellers, particularly those who sell collectables, like these photos. I still maintain a small presence on eBay as it is still the largest market on-line.


However there are two sites which do not restrict sellers and I am able to place all of my available photos up for display and sale.


These two sites are called EBID and Delcampe - you can find them by clicking on the word. 

once you get to either site remember to search for “Railway Photo” or any other criteria to suit your wants


Now up and running a full on-line gallery of all my photos with the opportunity to buy prints or digital images