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Railway, and other transport photographs are very collectable and appear regularly on Internet auction sites. There are also several sites dedicated to selling photos and images of many different sorts.

I use both methods to sell photos. I regularly place photos for sale on three different auction sites and all these photos are available to buy as prints of various sizes or digital download here (via this link).

If you want to earn a little money by selling your photographs, but do not have the time or expertise to offer them for auction or the necessary skills to present them on a dedicated website, then I can arrange it all for you.

The service consists of preparing the pictures for sale – quite a complex task to ensure the photo is presentable and has all the information about the picture (e.g. subject, location, date etc) is embedded into the digital copy presented on the website – which aids the search process. Also preparing the necessary admin information to present the photos on auction sites.

I manage the whole process – recording the details of each photo in my database, preparing the photo for download to the website or the auction site. Then I perform all the processes required when someone buys a photo – recording the sale, requesting and processing payment, production of the actual photograph (from the security copy) and delivery to the purchaser.

Auction sites charge insertion fees and commission on sales and regularly change the rules and amounts but I carefully monitor these changes and sale patterns to get the best return. I also have to pay fees to keep my website up and running, both a monthly charge and commission on sales.

The way I charge for this service is on a commission basis. I set a base price which I charge for my services I also include the appropriate web/auction site charges and payment fees (e.g.PayPal). Anything in excess of this base price is then shared 50/50 with the original photographer.

It is never going to be a fortune, but many of my customers use their profits to pay for further batches of processing. Also if you don’t want to pay for my Scanning or Premium Service but are prepared to let me sell your photos I will use this profit share scheme to fund the processing in retrospect – so you get a service with no up front costs

All sales clearly state that the copyright of the photograph is NOT for sale. All photographs delivered to the buyers are clearly marked on the back with a copyright statement, and all sales are recorded with address of the purchaser.

I therefore do as much as we can to protect your rights as the originator of the picture.

Should a purchaser express an interest in making further use of the picture, for example to publish it in a magazine then I will negotiate a limited "right of use" with that person and charge an appropriate fee, which we will share with you in a similar way to the original  purchase. I will make "right of use" available where appropriate unless you tell us when you start this service that you do not want this. Should a prospective purchaser want to buy the actual copyright, then I will refer this matter to you before any such sale is made